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Carm the Buffing Paper  was born in 2015 from the thirty-year experience of trained technicians and from the futuristic vision of the property, which gives life to the so-called “Emery Paper for the tannery”.

Carm encloses in a single universal product all the needs that can arise from the process of grinding the leathers, thanks to a paper product able to work them at their best, whatever their conditions, from thin to thick, from wet to dry.

Carm is much more than a polishing paper, it is a brand, a guarantee of quality, which counts a production process carried out in selected third-party factories and a control and storage carried out with the utmost care in the DANESE plants.

Totally made in Italy, CARM paper is produced in 3 types :

LB or “Light Brown” or the universal paper, made of aluminum oxide, which works, thanks to its very compact support also wet leathers, which previously required double resination paper.

FB or “Fire Brown” or double resination paper for very humid environments or wet skins.

AB is the paper coupled to cotton canvas that is used to upgrade the leather hair cells.


Our history :

CARM” is the acronym of Carta Abrasiva Resinata Multiuso

The CARM project was launched in Italy during the 2010, thanks to the contribution, in terms of ideas, expertise and guidance, of a qualified technician in the grinding field: after having spent thirty years running various grinding machines, while working in different tanneries and processing all sorts of leathers, he pointed out the “must-have features of the buffing paper for the leather sector”.

Here they are:

– the paper must cut and not tear the material, in order to guarantee high-quality suede, Nubuck, reversed and other specific types of leather featuring a rich texture;

– the grinding process should not be started when the machine is partially open, because this entails the re-grinding of the raw materials; moreover, the granule should not be unrefined and it has to be effectively strewn, especially when processing those leathers that require only a slight grinding (sandpapering);

– one of the goals is to reduce, as much as possible, both the dead times due to the change of the sand paper and the costs of the paper itself.

These were, in a nutshell, the first recommendations that paved the way for a project that turned out to be really challenging, since it had to combine the quality and the duration of the grinding. The first tests were carried out in 2013, supported by the joint efforts of three European
engineers coming from completely different professional backgrounds: at first, the results exceeded the expectations in terms of quality, but going to the detriment of the durability, and vice versa. Finally, thanks to a brilliant idea that led to the use of an item tracked down in the aeronautic field, the team managed to find the right balance, later confirmed by the field trials. As a matter of fact, the buffing paper CARM was then used by three tanneries from June 2014 up to the end of the following year: currently, it is acknowledged as a truly quality product, specifically designed for processing leather.

Carm is a registered brand owned by

DANESE ​​srl – Tannery.Equipment

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TO CONTACT CARM please write at carm@carm.global

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